Megan ended up with a sister

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Megan ended up with a sister

Post by phoenixbbs »

(Megan is the lighter colour if I can work out how to upload an image)

We got Meg back in 2013 (by god it feels a*lot* longer, I thought she was 8 now, when she was apparently born in July 2012.

We got a distress call from a friend just about 12 months ago about an elderly lab that would have to go to a dog's home, as the owner wasn't able to look after her, " there any chance you..." - I looked at my wife, and it was an immediate "yes, as long as they get on with other"

"Oh, and it has epilepsy..."

We knew it was strange, but as we lead her away from the owner, who was in buckets of years, she didn't look back once.

The poor little love, she's been no trouble at all, not "too much for her to handle" as the previous owner said.

She was heavily overweight (like me !), Couldn't even get up the stairs. We knocked about 6kg off in as many weeks, she can get up the stairs (but asks before she comes up, with a tiny little whine), she couldn't get on the bed, but we sorted that little problem it with some caravan steps ! - but she still asks permission :-}

We've only seen two seizures, and she needed some meds for campylobacter last year because she had a taste for cat poop, but she's a little star and we're glad we took her :-) ... 314220076

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Re: Megan ended up with a sister

Post by 12_paws »

Glad to hear the ladies gelled well, Megan's sister sound a lovely mannered delight bless her.
So happy 1st gotcha day :1972:
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