Labrador Rescue (North West Area)

Need to re-home your Labrador?


Need to re-home your dog? We are here to offer help to anyone who needs to find a new home (for whatever reason), for their much loved Labrador. Circumstances and lifestyles change and what we thought was forever sometimes isn't so we are here to help you.


To discuss bringing your dog into the rescue to be found a new home, please email or ring 01257 452500.


All calls are treated in the strictest confidence.


Our main aim is to find the right home for your Labrador where he/she will be cared for and loved for the rest of his/her life. We home check new owners and your dog will be well looked after until a new home is found. We take time to find the most suitable adopter and circumstances for each individual dog in our care.


We will ask you to provide some basic information about your dog that will help us identify a suitable new home. This can either be done over the phone by one of the rescue team, or we can send you a form to fill in. We will also require a photo.


As we only have a limited number of kennels we may, depending upon capacity, advertise your dog on our website whilst we wait for a kennel to become available. This allows us to start looking for a home before your dog comes into the rescue and may limit the time he/she spends in kennels.


Once a kennel becomes available, you will be asked to bring your dog into the rescue. We will require all documentation relating to vaccination and chipping and if you feel you are able to do so a simple information sheet about your dogs likes, dislikes, favourite food, toys etc as this information will be very helpful.


Please note you will need to sign a release form to say you have asked us to re home your dog it will be witnessed by a rescue team member. This document is a legal document and once a dog is signed over to our rescue he/she will be in the ownership of rescue and a home found. There are times that a dog can be re-homed within a few hours of arriving at the rescue as we have people approved and waiting. Please be sure of your decision before you come to the rescue as it will be too late to change your mind once your dog has been signed over - if in doubt ask …..


When your dog is adopted by another person or family they are also required to sign a legal adoption document to help us guarantee his/her future. In the case of the death or incapacity of an owner a letter of authorisation will be needed from the next of kin or executor of a will. Every care is taken to place the dogs in suitable homes once a dog is re housed by our rescue the adoption is final unless the dog is returned to us for any reason. As our title suggests we cover the North West of the country, but we do though take into account Yorkshire, Cumbria, and the NE up to the borders and down towards Stafford. There are lots of Labrador Rescues in the country so if you are not sure if we cover your area then please mail us and we can always put you in touch with your nearest co-ordinator that covers your area

Dear Labrador Rescue

"Thank you are two such little words but there are not enough words for what you have done for Storm and I.

If ever a match was made in heaven this was. I cant believe how lucky I have been, and I know by all his actions Storm feels the same way too he has settled here as though he has always been here, unfortunately he was sick as soon as he arrived but those sort of things are soon dealt with.


He has been fine since he would be better named Shadow as he Is constantly by my side helping with everything. He and Sydney cat greeted each other like long lost friends both settle together in the evening.


He has made the cottage come alive again instead of feeling like an empty shell, to have him say goodnight and good morning is wonderful allowing his nose to be pushed into my hand and head on my knee and the look in his eyes tells me I suit him just fine as much as he suits me, so, from the bottom of my heart thank you… All the best wishes to you all."


- Susan......

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