Jakes a poorly boy.

Follow the progress of old Jake - recovering under the tender and experienced care of Martin - his foster dad

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Re: Jakes a poorly boy.

Post by maxie »

I was so upset to hear that Jake was poorly, Martin, but what a relief your vet doesn't think he's too bad.

He is now in a loving home and with your experience Jake is being so well looked after and stands every chance - I'm sure all the dogs will settle down together in the end too.

You're so good to all the oldies,

Joan xx


Re: Jakes a poorly boy.

Post by aliandwills »

Hi Martin

Whatever you do for Jake I know it will be done with all your heart. I think you're right to let things settle a while longer. It takes a while for pack order to be sorted when a newbie arrives.

Your vet sounds like a wise chap. I know with his advice and your love, Jake will begin to thrive. You worked miracles with Jet, Bella and Rosie and continue to do so for Lady. You will do the same with Jake ... I'm sure of it.

Big hugs to Jake, Lady and Billy from all of us here.
Alison and the gang xxx

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Re: Jakes a poorly boy.

Post by Lucy »

It will take time but I am sure he will settle in

Have you thought about giving him some Bachs remedy to see if that will help to calm him down a little as the poor lad is still showing signs of stress. It is not surprising but with the TLC he is getting now that will subside.

Gemma T
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Re: Jakes a poorly boy.

Post by Gemma T »

Aww - such good news that it's nothing serious with Jake. I do hope that Lady comes to accept him soon. Itmust be difficult for her after all her upheaval too.
Fingers crossed here that everything will settle soon
Gemma xx

Mad Maisie

Re: Jakes a poorly boy.

Post by Mad Maisie »

Aaawww!!! Bless Him. So relieved that the vet thinks it is nothing serious!!! Hopefully things will improve with time and once he is more settled. It is funny but we did not have any trouble with Meg accepting Maisie when she arrived last year but I am not so sure Maisie would be as accepting!!! Lady I am sure will come round once she realises he is not taking over!!! We women like to be in charge!!!!!!!!

Love Gill, Meg and Maisie

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Re: Jakes a poorly boy.

Post by jule »

How's jake getting on now? Xena and Julie


Re: Jakes a poorly boy.

Post by jule »

--- Jsorry - hadn't seen continuation, best woofs, J and X

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